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About UsWe know OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project®

We helped develop it!

Choosing a consulting firm for your embedded project is a difficult task. Are you hiring people with the right qualifications? How long have they worked with OpenEmbedded or the Yocto Project®?

A year? A month?

When you choose Togán Labs for your next project, you are not getting developers who read the manual last week, you are getting developers who perfected their expertise in the embedded world by writing the tools that run it.

Our technical and management teams consist of open source professionals from a diverse crosssection of the open source community, including OpenEmbedded maintainers, kernel hackers and open hardware engineers.

ServicesWe'll help bring your embedded device to market

At Togán Labs we deliver support for the entire development lifecycle, from board bringup to over the air updates for devices in the field.

Board Support

Spinning up a new board but need help with developing a Board Support Package? Need help with your 3rd party vendor's BSP? We work with all architectures and device manufactures.

Distro Design

Have a BSP and now need help building your operating system stack? Is a commercial OSV just too costly? Let us help you define your specs and deliver a targeted operating system for your platform.

License Compliance

When you choose Togán Labs, you get a team of developers who understand the intricacies of Open Source license compliance and will work with you to avoid license pitfalls.

Release Support

Don't wait until your device is in the field before you defining your update strategy! Stay up to date with the latest CVEs and software updates. We can help you craft a process that keeps your devices up-to-date.

Open SourceOpen Source

At Togán Labs we believe in Free and Open Source Software. We believe that it makes the world - and our businesses - better. We are active OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project® community members and we strive to upstream as much of our code as possible.

We understand that Open Source isn't just about Free as in Beer, but also Free as in Freedom. When you choose Togán Labs, we'll teach you how to engage with the open source community. You won't simply make another IoT device. You'll create an end user ecosystem, where the necessary IP is protected, while at the same time you'll engage with a worldwide community to create user generated solutions.

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