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When I entered programming many years ago, I did it because here was this cool job, that let me figure out puzzles and didn’t require me to stand in front of a bunch of people and talk, or sing, or dance. It was a nice semi-solitary job.

It wasn’t until I started working at Intel that that bubble got burst.

“I’d like you to submit a talk at ELC.” said Dave Stewart, my then Boss (and honestly, one of the best software engineering managers I’ve ever had. I’m not even getting paid to say that now.)

Talk. Submit. ELC. Wait. That’s a *conference*. *hyperventilate*

Getting in front of people and talking is less tough for me than it was that day. I’ve had a lot of practice over the years and now, it comes as second nature.

Earlier this year, I took our junior programmer/COO Aoife aside and said “I’d like you to submit a talk to <insert whatever it is they renamed LinuxCon to>” That same look I had so many years ago crossed her face. “Ah, don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”

Today my co-worker Paul pointed out “Hey, did you see Aoife’s name on the schedule?”

“No. I didn’t. Link?”

Sure enough, her talk is there. Her first open source talk. I’m very excited for her and I know she’s going to do wonderful. She spoke to 30,000 people at Dublin Pride, so this should be cake walk, right?


Anyhow, here is her talk. Wish her luck and see you in Prague!

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Beth Flanagan

CTO, hacker-in-chief and co-founder of Togán Labs.

She is a contributor to the OpenEmbedded and Fossology communities and was the release manager for the Yocto Project.

By Beth Flanagan
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