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Remote Working Offers Significant Benefits to the Individual and to Society

Expert Group led by the NUI Galway Whitaker Institute and the Western Development Commission also calls for a review of Remote Work Tax Relief

Based on a recent report the group recommends visible leadership supporting remote workers and training on how to work remotely.

The report includes case studies and survey findings from a number of both large and small organizations including Cisco, Ervia, MHP Solicitors, Togán Labs and Employflex. 

Sinéad Redmond, Chief Operating Officer of Togán Labs, a small tech company operating on a fully remote basis says “We are scattered around the country, with the majority of our people living rurally, one of the great benefits of remote working cultures being the possibility of reinvigorating rural communities and opening up life outside the standard 6.30am commuter run to a city. I love remote working for what it’s given me back – so much more time in my day I used to lose to commuting and trying to do all the preparation work of being out of the house for the day.”

Read more on the westerndevelopment.ie website.

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