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A History of IoT and What It Means for Ireland


In a three-part series for Irish Tech News, Togán Labs founder Beth Flanagan looks at the fundamentals of the Internet of Things. IoT: Hype or Revolution? Many of our team at Togán Labs have been embedding programmable compute technology into new devices for decades: making them smarter, connecting them together and enabling increased levels of intelligent automation. Take the telephone or TV...

It Won’t Be Boring

Beth and Aoife

Welcome to Togán Labs’ new website! Here in Togán Labs we’re dusting ourselves off and picking ourselves up after a marvellous time at OSS/ELCE in Edinburgh. It was our first time (of many!) as an event sponsor, coinciding with the second anniversary of me and Beth Flanagan making the decision to start this business of our own. Things have changed a lot since that day two years ago when Beth...

Togán Labs releases Oryx Linux v0.4.0


Togán Labs announces the release of Oryx Linux v0.4.0! Oryx Linux is our container-based embedded Linux distribution based around core technologies from OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project. This release is built using Yocto Project v2.5 “sumo”. This is a minor update to Oryx Linux and incorporates the following new features: Updated to oryx-apps v0.2.4. This includes a new test suite for the oryxcmd...

Embedded Linux Experts

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