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Togán Labs releases Oryx Linux v0.3.0


Introduction Togán Labs is proud to announce the release of Oryx Linux v0.3.0! The release notes give a summary of what has changed but we wanted to take some time to discuss the release in more detail on this blog. This post will provide a summary of Oryx Linux for any readers who aren’t familiar with our distribution and will then go on to present the new features in v0.3.0 and our plans for...

Your first conference talk


When I entered programming many years ago, I did it because here was this cool job, that let me figure out puzzles and didn’t require me to stand in front of a bunch of people and talk, or sing, or dance. It was a nice semi-solitary job. It wasn’t until I started working at Intel that that bubble got burst. “I’d like you to submit a talk at ELC.” said Dave Stewart, my then Boss (and honestly, one...

Togán Labs – not just embedded anymore!


“You know that’s not what we do, right?” “Yeah, but I think we could do it. And besides, I said I’d give it a go and she asked me, what, a dozen or so times?” It may not be the most auspicious-sounding beginning to a job. But it worked out rather well in the end, if I say so myself. And in the meantime your friendly local Togán Labs intern (hello!) got a few bonus crash courses for free. It all...

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