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The following table shows the Branch Name, Current Status and expected End-of-Life date for each Oryx Linux release series:

Release Series Branch Name Status End-of-Life date
master Development
v0.4.x sumo Supported May 2019
v0.3.x rocko Supported Nov 2018
v0.2.x pyro End-of-Life May 2018

The branch names intentionally match those used within OpenEmbedded to simplify integration with other metadata layers. This also makes it clear which upstream OpenEmbedded release a given Oryx Linux release is based on.

Issue Tracking

Oryx Linux issues are tracked using the Togán Labs bug tracker. Please use the “Oryx” project when reporting issues with this project.

Obtaining Source Code

For development, it is best to use the repo tool to obtain source code.

The following commands will create an empty directory, initialise repo within this directory for Oryx Linux development and fetch all source code:

mkdir oryx
cd oryx
repo init -u git@gitlab.com:oryx/oryx-manifest.git
repo sync

Further details on how to use the repo tool to obtain Oryx Linux source code can be found in the latest documentation.


Contributions to Oryx Linux are always welcome.

The following repositories accept contributions via merge requests on GitLab. Please fork the appropriate repository and push your changes to this fork. Then open a merge request on the appropriate original repository.

  • meta-oryx: Distro configuration and OpenEmbedded recipes.
  • oryx-build: Build configuration and scripts.
  • oryx-appsoryxcmd and other tools which are included in Oryx Linux images.
  • documentation: Documentation for all components of Oryx Linux, built using Sphinx.
  • oryx-manifest: Manifest for use with the repo tool. Does not normally need to be modified by contributors except to incorporate new OpenEmbedded layers.



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