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Latest Release

The latest release of Oryx Linux is v0.4.0.

Bootable Images

Bootable images of the full Oryx Linux distribution (including runc container runtime and oryxcmd tool) are available for the following platforms:

Please see the documentation linked below for details on how to use these files to install and boot Oryx Linux on a target device.

Source Code

The integrated Oryx Linux source code release includes Bitbake, all necessary OpenEmbedded layers and a pre-configured build environment. This provides a simple and well-tested way to build new images from this version of Oryx Linux. The integrated source code may be obtained in two ways:

Third-party source code (including source code for all GPL-licensed components of Oryx Linux) is available from the sources mirror directory.

Login details

Please note that the default login details for Oryx Linux are as follows:

  • Username: root
  • Password: oryx

You are advised to change these login details after the first boot for production deployments.

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