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“Togán Labs is the first start-up to launch out of the Open Embedded project.”

Embedding Open Source Advantage

Togán Labs offers a new starting point for embedded development, with a familiar, working Linux environment, up, running and supported on your device.

We put the power of the world’s largest, most innovative open source platform into the heart of your hardware development.

Why is Linux the intelligent choice for building smart devices?

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Our industry-focused products and services deliver on the full commercial promise of embedded Linux. We remove any technical, licensing and support challenges, reducing costs and leaving development teams free to focus on the product.

Togán Labs gives you access to the people that build and maintain embedded Linux and core projects like Yocto and Open Embedded – kernel contributors, hardware engineers, project maintainers and developers.

Oryx Linux

Oryx Linux is the first embedded Linux distribution to combine the freedom and flexibility of open source, together with trusted, commercial-grade support.

Built for long-term commercial use in-the-field, Oryx is the only distribution to realise the full potential of OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project.

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With support from Togán Labs, building on embedded Linux simply means choosing a familiar open environment to get products to market faster and at a lower cost. We have mastered complexities of licencing, board support and embedded kernel development, so you don’t have to.

Our team help get your embedded device to market.

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Latest stories

Oryx Linux v0.2.0 released!

Back in May, we introduced our Oryx Linux project and let you know about our ambitions for the v0.2.0 release. We’re now pleased to announce that v0.2.0 has been released! Introduction Oryx Linux is an embedded Linux® distribution based around the Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded. It incorporates a lightweight container runtime engine to bring the benefits of containerisation to the embedded sector...

An overview of the upcoming Oryx v0.2.0 release

With an upcoming Oryx Linux release on the horizon, it’s time bring you a few exciting updates! For one thing, we want to tell you about some of the features that distinguish Oryx from other OpenEmbedded based distributions, which make it a great starting place for IoT and embedded development. But, before we get to that? We’ve got an announcement to make and we’re a little excited about it. Oryx...

Announcing linux-raspberrypi-lts

We’re happy to announce the first release of the new linux-raspberrypi-lts project developed by Togán Labs Ltd. This is a long-term support release of the Linux® kernel for use on Raspberry Pi platforms. This project aims to fill the gap left when the upstream support (centered on the official Raspberry Pi Linux repository at ) moves on to a new LTS kernel version. This has occurred recently with...

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