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To capture the full benefits of building on open source, you need support and guidance from experts who are active, known and respected within the relevant project communities.

Togán Labs offers informed consultancy and development services, providing access to Linux kernel contributors, leading open hardware engineers, and the maintainers and developers of key embedded tools and technologies.

As active members of the embedded Linux community, we offer unrivalled knowledge and experience, alongside something that is often overlooked until your project needs it: passion and commitment to making open technologies work.


Implementing and supporting Linux on new and existing hardware gets a lot easier with experience. Togán Labs offers rare access to this experience, on-tap:

  • Board Support Packages
    Full design and build for spinning up new boards
  • Outsourcing and Problem Solving
    Additional short-term experience and resources
  • Third Party BSP Patching and Modification
    For developers building on existing hardware


Your own custom, targeted, embedded operating system is now affordable, supported and commercially viable – A custom Linux distro built by the team the built the build tools.

Togán Labs offers a range of options from our own customisable ORYX Linux distribution, through to bespoke services to specify, design and build your own Linux distribution using Yocto and OpenEmbedded.

We can build on third party board support packages (BSPs), use supported distributions for source packages and components, and provide solutions for updating and long-term support.


Togán Labs ensure you get license compliance right first time. Because in embedded development there are few if any second chances.

Software licence compliance issues can spell disaster for embedded projects: redesigning low-level software, coordinating major updates for devices in-production and in-the-field, even recalling product.

Togán Labs is one of five certified global partners in the Linux Foundation’s OpenChain Project for license compliance. We are also co-authors of fossup and meta-fossology, the integration layers for FOSSology, an open source license compliance software system and toolkit. This enables users to run license, copyright and export control scans directly from the command line.

To find out more contact us at info@toganlabs.com.


Long-term support for your choice of operating system (OS) can be make or break for the financial viability of any embedded product. And historically, the cost of commercial support from legacy OS vendors has put-the-breaks-on many worthy projects.

Togán Labs offers a range of new options which change the economics of embedded development. From our unique supported product offerings, through to consultancy on the latest tools, architectures and strategies – we can help you craft an affordable solution that keeps your devices up-to-date.

Embedded Linux Experts

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