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“Our team helped take Linux into the embedded world. And as Linux finds its way into ever more devices, there is no company better qualified to help design, build and support your embedded Linux development.”

Aoife FitzGibbon-O’Riordan

CEO and co-founder of Togán Labs.

Aoife was initially brought on as a co-founder because Beth figured that, as someone with a non-technical background, she wouldn’t argue with her. Two years and a lot of Google later, Beth has to admit that this was not her most accurate prediction.

She is an inveterate social entrepreneur with a decade of experience as a facilitator and educator. She has an extensive background in teaching, communication and social science- which comes in handy when translating between software engineers and the rest of the world!

In her spare time from work at Togán Labs, Aoife can be found coordinating a team of volunteers organising for Bi+ Ireland. She says counts as relaxation.

In her spare time from that, you might find her rhapsodising about the virtues of electric blankets, or putting down heavy things (which, she wants to stress, is a far more important step than picking them up in the first place).

Beth ‘pidge’ Flanagan

CTO, hacker-in-chief and co-founder of
Togán Labs.

She is a contributor to the OpenEmbedded and Fossology communities and was the release manager for the Yocto Project. The first lines of code she ever wrote (on a Commodore PET in 1983) was:

10 print "I hate school."
20 GOTO 10

Her code has gotten slightly better since then.

She lives in the west of Ireland with her (insert number of cats that probably is getting to that point where it becomes “a problem”). She does not like leaving her little village where people have sent her mail addressed to “Yer wan with the three legged cat <village name>”. She can read and write Irish very slowly… ach an fuaimniú s’aici? Ní chreidfeá cé chomh holc agus a tá sé.

In her copious amounts of spare time, she plays mandolin, tenor banjo and mountain dulcimer in the irish trad riotgrrl punk band “Sleeter O’Cionnaoith”. She keeps planning on getting other members for the band… maybe a gig or two…. and recordings…. and learning some songs.

She has a habit of presenting cute nonsense embedded hacky demos at various conferences from semi-autonomous blimps to yocto project powered hurdy gurdies.

You can reach her at pidge@toganlabs.ie


Katrina alias Igorina

Contracted Skunkworker/developer of miscellanea

Currently dwelling within a hacker space somewhere in the USA, igorina can normally be found learning a new programming language or tool to accomplish whatever is thrown at her.

When left to her own devices, she uses them to work out Agent Based Model simulations, plotting penguin and pinniped population data, and to run minimalistic Linux distros and obscure Window Managers.

Katrina holds a multi-pass in development, ranging from web app development in Django to C and arm assembly coding to configuring Yocto builds or writing SQL queries. As such, she is our “skunkworks”

When we have an idea that needs to be fleshed out, we summon her.

Leslie Hawthorn


An expert in open source strategy, developer community building, and cultivating sustainable businesses, Leslie Hawthorn has been an advisor to Togan Labs since the company’s inception. During her 15+ years working in the technology industry, Leslie has developed, honed and shared open source expertise spanning the Enterprise to NGOs, including senior roles at GoogleRed Hat, the Open Source Initiative, the OSU Open Source Lab and several startups, including Elastic.

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, she and her family now call Europe home, though she travels worldwide to keynote about open source, and building products and teams that are built to last. You can follow her adventures on Twitter @lhawthorn.

Clare Kelly

Office Administrator

Coming to Togán Labs with a background in accountancy, Clare is the Office Administrator, primarily a sorter of invoices, and organizer of miscellaneous paperwork. She likes to tick boxes and put as much paperwork as possible into colour-coded folders.

Clare lives in the mid-west of Ireland, where her time is divided between working, reading, assassinating targets in video games, chasing her small nieces and spending far too much time watching DnD videos on YouTube. Occasionally she also finds time to knit dolls.

Trevor Woerner

Senior software developer

Trevor has been fascinated with computers since his first computer, an Apple //e, in 1983. Back then he was fortunate to have a family friend show him how to program. From that point on, Trevor can’t think of a time when he wasn’t programming computers, thinking about programming them, learning something new about them, or otherwise tinkering with them in some way.

He started using Linux in 1993 when his university decided to setup a lab of Linux machines for student use. Since most of the professors and students scoffed at it, the Linux lab was almost always empty, making it the obvious choice for getting assignments done. The university IT staff also ran frequent install-fests on weekends; it wasn’t long before Linux, or OpenBSD, was running on all of Trevor’s computers at home.

Since graduating from university, Trevor has been working professionally as an embedded developer. He has worked on a wide spectrum of projects, computer architectures, and industries. From bootloaders in assembly language to web configuration interfaces in JavaScript, from device drivers to user-space applications, from 8-bit microcontrollers to the latest 64-bit ARM devices, from point-of-sale systems to open-road tolling… and most things in-between.

Over the years he has attended numerous technical conferences/Meetups, and enjoys presenting at them as well as meeting other technical people. As a long-time user of Linux, Trevor is enthusiastic about Open Source. He is an active contributor to various projects and has served as a mentor for Google’s GSoC program for BeagleBoard.org. At home he is a big fan of the “maker” movement, and always has a project or two in progress.


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