Embedded Linux Experts

Why choose Linux?

Linux gives smart/embedded device manufactures an unrivalled competitive advantage. Developers get an ecosystem not just an operating system, and your project gets built together with the world’s largest, most active, open source community.

No other embedded platform offers anything close to the choice, numbers and diversity of applications, tools, developers and support options provided by Linux. Nowhere is open innovation happening faster and nowhere is so much value available for free.

Choice & Freedom

Explore and prototype with access to far more possibilities.


Build faster using familiar languages, frameworks, developer tools, libraries and components.


Control development costs by using widely available skills

Stability & Security

No other operating system is scrutinised by more eyeballs, test by more users and developers, or trusted by more firms.

Commercial Strength

Unrivalled long-term commercial stability, trusted and backed by community support from the world’s largest corporations.


From free community support, through start-ups, to multi-billion dollar corporations, Linux is supported and you are not locked-in to any particular option.

Embedded Linux Experts

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